Apex Summer 2-piece Skinsuit

Customise Your Outfit

Molded from the pattern of our Elite Speedsuit, our fastest track Championship Gold medal winning skinsuit, we cut open the front and put an open zipper down the middle then made some slight adjustments to the body to achieve size consistency with our road race suits for better comfort on longer rides. 
The suit is made with CS Tech Mesh on the front, sleeves, leg side panels and thigh for ventilation and CS Glide on back and sides for aero advantage and protection (the same mesh we use on our Summer Racesuit).
It can be ordered with or without the pockets and available in long/short sleeves, standard/long leg length
It's our most aggressive road race skinsuit following the TT 'C-shape' of a speedsuit. It was launched for world tour pro cycling team UAE Team Emirates to use in the Tour De'France 2019 this suit has been tested in the toughest conditions and will promise high performance on a long ride. 


  • CS TechMesh™ fabric (chest panel, sleeves, side panels and legs) - four way stretch, open-weave mesh lycra designed to deliver airflow to your core.
  • CS Glide™ fabric (back panel) - provides gentle compression for comfort and helps fight muscle fatigue on longer rides


  • Flatlock stitching
  • Heat-sealed no-collar design
  • 2 rear pockets
  • Short sleeve and long sleeve options
  • Extended front zipper to allow for "comfort breaks" and thermoregulation
  • Finished with silicone gripper on the thigh and sleeves.

Short Sleeve = £148.00

Long Sleeve = £156.00


Our Elite garments are designed specifically for riders seeking high performance and aerodynamic advantage. It is a super body conforming fit.  You can also order sample of these items for comparison.