Performance Winter Headband

Customise Your Outfit


A highly versatile garment used in cycling, triathlon and running to help thermoregulate the body. The band is shaped to sit comfortably around the forehead and over hears - critical areas where heat is lost. The soft fleece inner insulates and wicks away sweat whilst a windproof panel across the front is strategically placed to shield you from biting head wind. The headbands low profile makes it sit comfortably under a helmet and has a entrance hole in the rear for pony tails. 



  • CS WinterFleece™ fabric - soft insulating "Roubaix" style thermal fabric offering stretch for improved fit and comfort
  • CS Thermoshield™ fabric - thermalined windproof barrier that shields the forehead from cold winds



  • Available in either full custom with your team design or in any of our solid pre-dyed fleece colours.
  • Made with our warm and breathable CS Tech Fleece fabric
    • the same lightweight fleece we use in our arm/leg/knee warmers 
  • Fits snug and tight so it will work great under your helmet
  • Comes standard with ponytail slit in back
  • Unisex, one-size fits most