CS Direct Team Store

Your own Team Store to place, manage, and ship individual orders.

Have you had to deal with the hassle of collecting orders from all your members, then follow up with each one for payment, only to spend hours separating your order to hand to everyone?

We know this takes valuable time out of your day. This is why we have developed the CS Direct Team Store - we handle all of this for you.

Simply choose CS Direct Team Store for your order and your team can place their own orders individually, all you have to do is distribute.

How It Works

Design Your Outfit

As a team or club manager, work with us to create a custom design as usual. Just like a normal order, we will dedicate a designer to take your idea and create a design for your team.

Once you're happy with your design, you can start creating your own team store.

Set Up Your Store

The designs you select can be used to order from our full catalogue of products.

Or, select specific products in your designs to make available to your team or club. That way, your teammates can have a simple and straightforward shopping experience.

With CS Direct Team Store, managers can even set up custom pricing for your team or organisation.

Invite Your Team

Once you confirm your store, we will create a unique store for your team or organization. Simply send out an email or place the link on your social pages and you can start taking orders!

Team Places Orders

Your team mates and members can access the store in their own time, and select the items, size, and quantities they want. When it comes to checking out, they pay directly via our online shopping cart for minimum hassle.

When you have accepted all of your orders, notify us and we will take your order and put it into production.

Receive Your New Outfit

Your order will be individually wrapped, for each member, according to what they ordered.

You can then easily distribute or arrange collection of your apparel.