Service Terms & Conditions

Below are the Terms and Conditions associated with the 2018 Champion System Initiatives. If you need further clarification, please contact our office on 0203 786 4310 or


  • Lifetime Quality Commitment:  This commitment is available on orders shipping from August 1, 2018. All orders prior to this date will still be covered under the original Champion System 12 month warranty procedure. After this date, any items with a manufacturing defect will be covered with a lifetime warranty. 
    • Your Champion System garment comes with a lifetime manufacturing defect warranty. Champion System UK Ltd reserve the right to repair the garment, or if garment cannot be repaired remake the garment. Refunds will not be given. Champion System UK Ltd reserves the right to reject a warranty claim if the garment was not used as intended or correct care of the garment was not taken.
    • Quality of workmanship and fabrics/materials used will be warrantied at the discretion of Champion System UK Ltd.
    • This policy does not include damage or problems caused by incorrect use or care of the garment.
    • This policy does not include damage/problems caused by general wear and tear.


  • Crash Replacement Commitment: To receive your free crash replacement kit, you will need to produce photographic evidence and return crashed garments to the Champion System UK Head Office before the crash replacement kit is produced. 


  • Delivery Commitment: Any delivery within 4 weeks does not quality for Delivery Commitment, including CS Express deliveries. Any delay due to FedEx, HMRC or a third party will not qualify for the Delivery Commitment. The Delivery Commitment date will be the date provided and confirmed to you by a Champion System Representative. 


  • Fitness Flexibility: The Fitness Flexibility Commitment is limited to one garment per person. You must prove the reduction in size via photographic evidence to your Champion System representative.